CRUSADOR Editor Greg Ciola interviews April Oakes, President of The Autism Autoimmunity Project (TAAP).

Greg: April, it’s a pleasure to have the opportunity to interview you. Let’s begin by having you explain to our readers a little bit about your organization. How did you get involved with The Autism Autoimmunity Project (TAAP) and what purpose does it serve?

My first child, Casi, was a victim of the vaccination program. I thought I was being a good parent when I held her down while she was being vaccinated. Today, one child in 150 is labeled “autistic” and there is a great deal of evidence showing that vaccines play a role in the cause. Casi died on June 13, 1999 and since her death, I’ve made the commitment to warn the world that vaccines are both worthless and dangerous. Everything we’ve been told about them is simply not true. One of the most blatant lies is, “no shots, no school, no kidding”. What a joke! There are exemptions in 48 of the 50 States. Another very glaring lie is that vaccines have eradicated certain diseases. Most of these diseases were being eradicated BEFORE the introduction of vaccinations.

In honor of my angel, I’m now the President of a non-profit organization, TAAP (The Autism Autoimmunity Project). We are a non-profit charity dedicated to obtaining funding for independent research into the cause, treatment and prevention of autism and other autoimmune disorders. We support prominent medical and natural practitioners, who are working diligently to understand the biomedical and immunological causes. We work to provide information on the latest and most successful treatments. Our vision is to financially support our independent doctors and researchers, who will not only re-define autism, but will discover new treatments for our children, with the focus on prevention. By educating parents about the dangers of vaccines, I’m hoping to prevent the pain and suffering that other parents could experience if their child is damaged or, worse yet, killed because of vaccines.

Greg: You say that you got involved with this organization because your daughter got vaccinated and came down with autism. How did you link vaccines to your daughter’s problem?

I noticed that she was injured after her first vaccine (Hepatitis B), which she was given when she was 2 weeks of age. The things that I’ve learned about the Hepatitis B vaccine since then are just amazing. From early on, my daughter had what’s called hypotonia, low muscle tone. The more rounds of vaccines she received, the more we noticed the hypotonia. She didn’t develop normally. Every time she received a round of vaccines she was in more of a stupor. So, it wasn’t a specific vaccine to which she had a reaction, it was the cumulative amount of vaccinations that prevented her from developing normally. At fifteen months, she hadn’t been able to reach the milestone of moving from a lying to a sitting position. We took her to every specialist possible to try to get answers, and no one could help us. We set out to do our own homework about vaccines and soon came to realize the dirty little secrets about vaccines and the ingredients they contain (heavy metals, mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum, aborted fetal tissue, animal viruses, etc…). How on earth can the body function when you defy all of God’s laws? Our defense mechanisms (fever, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.) are a completely natural form of defense. Injecting biological toxins directly into the body denies the individual of building their own natural immunity. Your body literally attacks itself, whether it’s autism in the brain (as in my daughter’s case), or ALS. My dad was very diligent about getting his flu shot every year. There’s a great deal of evidence to suggest that there is a connection between flu shots and ALS, which is what my Dad died from. Montel Williams announced publicly that he felt the Hepatitis B vaccine caused his MS. When we put our daughter’s life into our own hands, we discovered the truth about vaccines. With something bad, comes something good. The biggest part of my healing has come from seeking out the funding for the appropriate research being done by scientists who think outside the box, proving what we already now. We can use this research to prove to the world about the dangers of vaccines. We must do this to protect our children.

Greg: Tell me how your daughter actually died and why you feel her routine vaccinations ultimately played a role?

I believe she died from medical negligence. Mothers are very in tune with the health of their children. I noticed after she was born that she became neurologically impaired after being vaccinated. When she was four years old she contracted the Epstein-Barr virus, which led into a secondary infection, bacterial meningitis (even though she displayed all the typical symptoms for meningitis, the hospital neglected to treat her with the appropriate protocol). I lost a fully vaccinated child. Currently my seven-year old son is still unvaccinated and has never even had an ear infection. I feel it’s important we wake the world up to the fact that vaccines don’t work. If my daughter could have spoken as they rushed her to the emergency room she would have told them, “it’s not my stomach, it’s my head”. Indirectly, I do blame vaccinations for her death, because she could have been saved if she had been able to tell the doctors what was going on.

Greg: After that tragic event in your life, it was very difficult for you to find the strength to go forward. What motivated you to continue on and how did you ultimately get involved with TAAP?

After Casi passed away, I became inspired to merge mainstream medical doctors with the more “progressively-minded” medical doctors (in other words, doctors who know how damaging vaccines really are). Parents need to learn about what they are subjecting their children to and many of them will only listen to mainstream medicine. Dr. Andrew Wakefield is one of the most progressive medical doctors I know. He is a formally trained gastroenterologist from London, England. Over Six hundred came to hear him present his research here in Fort Lauderdale in a lecture sponsored by our organization. When he showed them how children get injured from vaccines, he got the ball rolling for our organization. My dream became a reality. Casi’s death would not be in vain. People listened to Dr. Wakefield and woke up.

My favorite line is, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans!” Obviously His plans for what I was doing during this time, however, were a little different because He eventually handed The Autism Autoimmunity Project (TAAP) completely over to me on a silver platter. At the time, I was just “Casi’s Quest” (TAAP of Florida). Ray Gallup, the original founder of TAAP, could no longer designate the time and effort to run the organization because of the severe strain of taking care of his own autistic son. When that happened he ended up turning the organization over to me. Our main goal since then has been to raise money to support the unfunded researchers. If we don’t step forward and fund the necessary research to prove the dangers of vaccines, who will? We’re one of the only organizations that’s funding these independent researchers.

Greg: What is it that you’re trying to accomplish today and what kind of success have you had?

So far, our biggest success has simply been informing the pharmaceutical companies that nothing is going to stop us from proving how dangerous their vaccines really are. It is much easier to treat a disease when the cause is known. We know that vaccines are injuring our children and one way to stop the insanity is to stop giving our children vaccines. We also want to provide charitable assistance (legal/treatment) to help the families who have adversely been affected by vaccines. Society simply ignores the problem by turning a blind eye to these autistic children. We can’t ignore these children – they represent our next generation.

Greg: You’re starting to make a lot of headway with chiropractors and other practitioners around the country who want to become more involved with this message. Tell our readers more about this.

Well, chiropractors have been fighting this fight for a very long time. As a matter of fact, when I was pregnant with my daughter, my husband worked with chiropractors who had warned us about vaccinations. But, of course, I was the average, misinformed parent that worshiped our medical doctors and didn’t listen to their warnings. My immunologist pediatrician told me that Casi would die if I did not vaccinate her. That’s why I held her down thinking I was doing the best thing for her. The chiropractors have been warning parents about the dangers of vaccines for a long time, but it’s not enough. Today, every other child has some form of neurological or autoimmune problem, ADD, ADHD. Clearly, something needs to be changed. The victims of vaccines are merging with chiropractors because they understand the problem. When victims are doing presentations for their patients we can show people, “Hey, it can happen to you and these are the facts you need to know so that you can make that informed choice.” Because of their license, chiropractors are somewhat limited as to what they can reveal to patients, but as a parent and a victim I’m not limited at all.

Greg: There are some other autism and vaccination educational organizations around the country. What’s the difference between TAAP and these other organizations?

It depends on which organizations you’re referring to. There are some grass-roots anti-vaccine organizations that are making some headway by revealing all the issues around vaccines. Other, non-profit organizations are walking the same fence that we jumped over, speaking only part of the truth. There’s another organization that spun off from our rallies last year that is focused solely on the mercury in vaccines. Mercury is a major problem, but it’s not the only problem. TAAP exposes the full truth about vaccines. Whenever another child is diagnosed with autism (which, as I’ve said is 1 child in 150), we become even more motivated to protect our children. We’re the only ones who are truly standing for these voiceless angels and at the same time speaking the full truth. Every other organization is trying to stop us from being so thorough about our approach. In the rallies last year, no one gave us any credit for our work. We have been so blessed to have the support of the chiropractors. We’re hoping that they can eventually start to help us financially so that we can keep fighting for these innocent victims.

Greg: You mention legalities in the beginning of this interview and I think this is an area where many people are deceived. Anytime I ever talk to someone about vaccines the first thing they say is, “I can’t get my son or daughter into school if they don’t have their vaccines.” This is one of the biggest lies going. Could you explain more about this and also tell our readers about your attorney, Jim Filenbaum, and what his thoughts are on these issues? We need to educate people on how to avoid and stop this deception.

That’s the direction I took right after Casi passed away – I thought, “What could I have known that would have prevented me from blindly holding her down (for the shots) like I did?” One of the biggest misconceptions, as you say, is that we’re told you can’t go to school without them. It’s a lie; there are exemptions in every single state except for Mississippi and West Virginia, and even in those we’re working on getting exemptions. In the state of Florida, we have both medical and religious exemptions. A medical exemption is next to impossible to get, a religious exemption is very easy to get. Our attorney Jim Filenbaum, who has been representing exemption rights for thirty years now, and has lost very few cases, is now doing free consultations for anyone who mentions our organization. He is also trying to save these innocent children by exposing the truth. He’s even insisting that he come along with me to chiropractic presentations, not only to prevent me from giving everything away (laughs), but also to let people know that what we say is real. If they choose to be exempted he can help them avoid vaccines. He’s a big asset to the organization. If anyone would like to reach Jim, they should contact our organization first so that we can direct them through to the proper channels.

Greg: Is he available for press interviews?

Absolutely. He has a big heart and wants to expose the truth as well.

Greg: I’d also like to touch more on the rallies that you mentioned. Why did TAAP sponsor these rallies in Washington, D.C. and what was the outcome?

After 9/11, our government implemented a Homeland Security Bill to protect us from terrorists. At the same time, they slipped in a provision protecting Eli Lilly, (the manufacturer of thimerosal – the mercury in vaccines), from being sued by parents, like myself who know our children were injured by vaccines. On January 8th, 2003, we did an emergency rally demanding that this provision be removed. The night before the rally, we got a phone call saying that it was removed, so apparently our rally worked. Then, two months later we had to do another rally to fight the BioShield Bill, which was also designed to absolve the pharmaceutical companies of any negligence. Our rallies helped get this provision removed from the second bill, as well. We tried to get other organizations to support us, but nobody would even donate a podium. Nobody wanted to be associated with an organization that was taking such a bold stance against pharmaceutical companies and our government. Since our rallies, I’ve heard they’ve tried to slip this language into several bills, but I’m not sure if it passed. Unfortunately, we ran out of money and have not been able to pursue this issue. I feel somebody has to be the voice for these voiceless angels, and I, along with many other parents, chose to fight for these kids.

Greg: How can someone contact you for more on this topic?

They can reach us at: TAAP, P.O. Box 293144, Davie, FL 33329. Our phone number is 954-583-4860(locally)/800-939-TAAP(8227) . They can also visit our website at any time for additional contact information.

Greg: Are you available for public speaking, radio and TV programs, etc.?

Yes, that’s where my heart is right now – waking the world up one person at a time. We are happy to come to speak and greatly appreciate any donations towards our charity!

Greg: Thank you for your time, April. We’ll see if we can help wake some more parents up by publishing this crucial information. God bless you and all the hard work you’re doing to speak for these children.