Pam Killeen Interviews Ghislaine Lanctôt, Author of the Controversial Book “The Medical Mafia”

Ghislaine Lanctôt practiced as a medical doctor in the area of phlebology for many years until she began to question the integrity of the medical system. In 1994, she went under attack by the system after she wrote the book, “The Medical Mafia”. In 1998, Joachim Schafer wrote the book about her trial, “The Trial of the Medical Mafia”. Lanctôt’s most current book, “What the Hell am I Doing Here Anyway?” came out in 2002.

Pam: Tell us why you wrote your initial book “The Medical Mafia”.

I graduated from medical school in 1967 believing that medicine was THE thing. I was certain that by the end of the last century, diseases would be gone. I knew that there was something terribly wrong with the medical system and wrote the book to expose the problem.

Pam: What did they teach you in medical school?

The education we received was that we were “GOOD” and better all the time. I believed that we were so good we would be able to get rid of diseases by the end of the century. But things didn’t go that way – they went the opposite way. I was a phlebologist which has to do with the treatment of varicose veins. There were very few phlebologists at the time and treating varicose veins was beginning to become more popular. I did this for about 25 years. At the same time, I was involved with the business aspect of medicine – I started by running my own clinic, and eventually ran several. This was an eye-opening experience.

Pam: What was the most eye-opening experience that you had running a medical business?

Dealing with insurance companies and dealing with local politics. If you believe that there are no politics in medicine you would be wrong. I dealt with a lot of politics as a medical doctor. I started treating varicose veins before medicine was socialized here in Quebec. I had clinics in Ontario, which had a different system. Then, I also had clinics in the US, yet another, different system. I learned that whether the system was socialized or not socialized, it was all the same. I spent a lot of time in Europe, especially France – even there it’s all the same system – the same politics, the same people controlling the medical system.

Pam: That’s a big statement for Americans who are reading this article. Some Americans don’t seem to understand that socialized and privatized medicine are very much the same thing. Can you talk about how Americans are being misled?

In Canada, there’s one insurance company which is the government. In the US, there is more than one, there are several. In Canada, we have a monopoly, and the US has a cartel. It’s the same people running the show. In Canada, we are becoming privatized. What is going on? It’s a public monopoly that’s becoming a private monopoly so in order to build up a private monopoly, you have to first build up a public monopoly. This is what nationalizing means. When we nationalize something, we make it public monopoly and then all you have to do is privatize it. Then we become a private monopoly because the monopoly is already done.

Pam: How are the consumers reacting to this change? Are they reacting with fear, servitude?

This is all happening because of good marketing. People are led to believe that it’s better for them. The government will always lead us to believe that it’s for our benefit. They want us to believe that it’s better for us to privatize medicine. Privatization is a private monopoly. The goal is to establish a monopoly. The US almost has a monopoly. There are a few major corporations running medicine in the US. In order to reach a monopoly in Canada, they first went through the public monopoly and are transferring it to the private.

Pam: Consumers are led to believe that they benefit by claiming on their insurance. They buy into their insurance and claim on it when they need to fill a prescription. I call it “free poison”. People are lured into this system at their jobs given the “Velcro Packages” they are offered.

People think that they are getting a great deal. If you compare Canada with the US, the fees are skyrocketing in both countries. It’s the same people running the medical business. When I lived in the US, the Americans were talking about how great the Canadian system was and in Canada, the Canadians were talking about how great the American system was. Whether we compliment or criticize either system, it’s all the same.

Pam: The definition of insanity is to continue doing what we’ve been doing and expecting different results. We’re beating our heads against the wall. We’re not seeing people getting well. BigPharma is deceiving us. People are starting to ask a lot of questions. Your revolutionary book, “The Medical Mafia”, warned us of this very corrupt system. What questions should consumers be asking? People think that we are living longer, that vaccines work…there’s so much propaganda.

Like my book, my answer is very radical. The bottom line is to stop going to mainstream, conventional doctors. Only go in the event of an emergency. Without even knowing this, doctors are full time sales people for BigPharma. The industry is only interested in profit. They have to maintain their stock on the stock market. They need a 25% increase in their profits every year. The name of the game is PROFIT. They can only make a profit when people are sick. If BigPharma wants to make a profit, they must make people sick. If people are already sick, they must make them sicker. This is what the medical system is all about.

Pam: Do you think that this is done intentionally?

Absolutely! It was put together by the Carnegie Foundation – the famous Flexnor report of 1910 – where all of the alternative medical schools were closed down and forced to practice “scientific medicine” – this represented the control/takeover of big money over medicine. Medicine is controlled by BIGMONEY. Is this what you want for your health? Ask yourself, “If I want to be healthy, should I really go to see a specialist if I want to be healthy?”

Pam: It’s all about an “illusion”. They are simply specialists of sickness and disease. It’s a Sick Care system. First you get sick and then they care whether you have insurance. It’s not a health care system. It’s a failed system.

It’s a system that makes you sick. It’s so obvious. Just look around. That’s what I explain in my book. People need to open their eyes. Medical schools are controlled by the industry which is controlled by BIG MONEY. Conventions are all financed by the industry. Who nominated people in the scientific community? The organizers. Who are the organizers? The sponsors. Who sponsors the conventions? BIG MONEY (a.k.a the industry). Doctors only get to know what serves the industry.

Pam: What happened in your career that you began to question the medical system?

Ghislaine: I
opened my eyes to what was going on when I was doing presentations. When I submitted papers to the committee for presentations, I got to know their members. I started noticing conflicts of interest between some of the committee members and industry. The industry put their supporters on the scientific committee who makes decisions about what papers will be presented to the doctors. Doctors don’t ask enough questions. They should wonder who the sponsors are of any given convention.

Pam: You were a phlebologist. Did you ever really feel like you helped your patients?

The field of phlebology was very limited. I was simply treating varicose veins. I really didn’t see patients who were really sick. In the early 1980s, people started to ask questions. They stopped taking things for granted. They wanted to know about side effects, or what the effects would be if they didn’t follow through with a certain procedure. They wanted to know if they would be better off doing nothing than following doctor’s orders. This type of questioning was new.

Pam: As a doctor, did these types of questions help you?

I loved it! I loved to see people taking charge over their health. Most doctors don’t like that. They feel very threatened. They feel like somebody is questioning their competence or they are afraid of being sued. This trend in the 1980s was the sign of a major change.

Pam: This trend helped lead up to your book, “The Medical Mafia”, which you wrote in 1994. You became a troublemaker for the medical industry and eventually ended up in court. Then, another book came out about your trial. Can you tell us about the events surrounding these 2 books?

I started opening my eyes in the early 1980s and then it took me several years before I was able to assemble the entire puzzle. I got into medicine thinking that I was going to help people, then I realized that medicine was meant to kill people. It took me about 25 years to figure this out. People can’t find this out on their own.

Pam: Could you talk to your peers about this?

I tried. I went to the wife of the Prime Minister who wouldn’t acknowledge that there was a problem. I spoke to doctors about this subject but got no feedback. I spoke to medical organizations and got nowhere. Then I started to get put down. I was no longer invited to conventions.

Pam: Can you give us an example of how the “establishment” tried to shove you aside?

A new machine for the treatment of varicose veins was introduced at a convention. This machine cost about 0,000. I told them that this equipment was unnecessary. It would have been good for very special cases, but doctors really didn’t need this machine. After I said this, I was no longer invited to their conventions.

Pam: No sale, no Ghislaine.

Right. I was a top star at that time. But the moment you stop serving the industry, you’re out. Everybody knows this. If you start saying what you really know in your field, you’re going to be fired. It’s because of our silence that this type of corruption continues. We’ve got to start speaking out.

Pam: You’re a very brave woman to have come forward with this information. I know other doctors and scientists are also speaking out against the establishment. Once doctors and scientists lie, their work becomes invalid. What message do you have for other doctors and scientists who know they are “stuck” working for and supporting the lie.

Obey your conscience. We are all exposed to controversy. We all see things that don’t serve the people but serve business. We allow this to happen. We can stop this from happening. That means we’re going to get the “sticks”.

Pam: What do you mean by “sticks”?

Sticks are used to beat you up for not following the herd. Disobedient people are the ones who don’t serve big money. The first stick is the “stick of exclusion”. You’ll be fired. That stops 95% of the people from speaking up. The second stick is the “stick of dispossession”. You’ll have your title taken away. You’ll have your right of titles taken away. You’ll have your prestige taken away. You’ll be put down. Your money will be taken away. Your house, your car….anything that will make you shut up. If that is not enough, then the third stick is the “stick of elimination”. You’ll be put in jail or a mental institution. Or, you will be killed…period! The question is, “Are we going to be afraid of the sticks?”

Pam: Can you describe the events that took place before and after your trial?

When I wrote “The Medical Mafia”, the medical board had quite a reaction. They wanted me to resign. I told them I would resign if there was anything false in my book. They told me that if I didn’t resign that they would take to me court and revoke my license. I told them to take me to trial. If people want to speak out, it’s very important to understand that the authorities will not care about the fact that you’re interested in helping people. I knew who the mafia was. I knew I couldn’t expect them to understand that I wanted to help people by exposing the scandals in the medical industry. They aren’t there to understand – they are there to protect the interests of big money. They are not there to protect you. Their job is to get rid of anyone in the way of big money. I knew this when I wrote the book…I had already closed my clinics. I stopped practicing medicine before I released the book. The decision was made before the trial began. Their agenda was simply to get me out of the way. I represented myself. My trial went on for over a year.

During the trial, I had some of the best expert witnesses from all over the world. One witness I had was an expert in vaccines. He explained how the industry operates. The judge said his testimony wasn’t important and didn’t pertain to my case. None of this was taken into consideration. It was a joke. One day I just decided that I had had enough. I gave them my resignation and I said good-bye. They couldn’t figure out what I had done. They told me to stay. Even though I had left, they went on with the trial without me. The case had a lot of media coverage. That was good because it helped sell my book!

Pam: What were you able to conclude by the time you walked out of that courtroom?

I concluded that it’s all a game. We’re in a drama. It goes on because we take it seriously. The players are all puppets and the string holders are big money. Once you know this you can see the puppets serve big money. They don’t serve the patients, they don’t help people with their health. They’re only interested in pleasing the stockholders.

Pam: What else happened, did you get fined?

I resigned and my license was revoked. I was fined ,000 which I never paid.

Pam: You seem to have a good sense of humor even after all that has happened to you…

Of all the doctors whom I know, I’m the only one who has been condemned for trying to help the people. You will not be blessed for telling this truth. If you play this game, secure your assets. Medicine is not designed to get us healthy. It’s a business.

Pam: You’re enjoying life much more now that you’ve stepped out of the illusion. What are you doing now to help yourself and to help others?

When I realized that medicine was designed to make people sick, I set out to learn about health. The more I take care of myself the healthier I am.

Pam: Thank you for being brave enough to confront the system.

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