The revolution in the e-cigarette and vaping industry has been ongoing for some time, which has helped industry leaders develop products that suit the users more. However, some regulations are put in place to limit e-cigarettes, majorly because of the excessive abuse.

Puff bar are a replica of the popular JUUL and are also a copy of many e-cigarettes produced by most companies for one-time use. The uniqueness of this product is that it is disposable after use, making it a preferred vaping option for most people. As against the regular e-cigarette, you would have to buy a new cartridge when the other flavor is out.

The puff bar come in various flavor options that are appealing to the youths including but are not limited to Orange, Mango, Strawberry, and Guava, which are also subject to some reviews. Generally, the government’s aim is to keep all users of vaping products safe and also help them enjoy their interests at the best level. The good news is that the product is a disposable item which makes it have loopholes in the new policy and free from restrictions applicable to e-liquid cigarettes.

Some Important Things You Should Be Aware Of With The Version Of An E-Cigarette

The Popularity Of Disposable E-Cigarette

The new product has grown in popularity which has made it become an option for many people who aren’t interested in buying a long-term vaping tool. The puff bar also offer a lot of amazing flavors which aren’t restricted by regulations. This has given it a major advantage over other types of e-cigarettes. The rise in disposable types of e-cigarettes has also resulted in the market availability of many brands that are open to continue producing the product and keeping the mark available.

Aside from that, these products are significantly affordable as compared to reusable e-cigarettes and other vaping tools. With the cheaper price option and the disposable advantage it has over other products, coupled with the variety of flavors, the popularity is just getting started.

How Does the Puff Bar Actually Works

This disposable e-cigarette has so many similarities with the renowned JUUL and has some other differences that make it a unique product of its own. Just like another vaping tool, it is small enough to fit into your trouser pocket and also contains a heat source that heats up the flavor contained in the cartridge.

More so, each pod of the product is prefilled with a specific flavor and as well precharge for easy use and disposal. Meanwhile, once the flavor has been totally vaped, it can’t be refilled like the regular e-cigarette most vapes are used to.

Does The Puff Bar Contain Nicotine?

Generally, all vaping tools contain some amount of nicotine. Although some vapers preferred to use other constituents in their vaping tool to help them withdraw from smoking. Puff bar contain nicotine salt formula, which is a process that allows them to deliver the nicotine content in a more efficient and less irrational way as compared to the traditional e-cigarette.

More so, the nicotine percentage can be as high as 5%. It is quite important that vapers should know the nicotine level they are willing to consume when settling down for disposable e-cigarettes.

What Are The Various Flavors Puff Bar Have?

When it comes to the disposable e-cigarette, there are little to no restrictions holding the variety of flavors that they can come in. This gives the producer a whole lot of flexibility to produce their desired amount of flavors. Among the variety of flavors that the disposable e-cigarette comes in include OMG (orange, mango, guava), Sour apple flavor, menthol, Mango, lemonade flavor, and many more.

The catch is that all the flavors produced must be catchy to the users and must also be appealing to the youths. Besides, the manufacturers of puff bar empathize with the bright color packaging with an enticing and good descriptive name to stand out among their competitors. 

Based on statistics and reports, about 97% of vapers are attracted to disposable e-cigarette because of the different flavors it offers and the price affordability. The disposable puff bar continue to stand out among other e-cigarette products and will also continue to be the preferred option among youths and young adults.